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Weight Update 10.0

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Weight:  169 lbs.

I’m down one pound this week.  I truly hoped for more than that because I have been making a good effort with my workout and diet.  I can’t deny that I’m a little disappointed.

I’m also beginning to wonder about my body type.  I’ve read articles on body type before but today I found one that was particularly helpful.  It was called Determining Your Body Type – For Dummies (  After reading this article, I have come to the conclusion that I fit best into the endomorph category.  As described in the article, I tend to gain fat easily, while muscle is harder for me to put on.  I also carry the vast majority of my fat in my abdomen, hips, thighs and butt and my metabolism is slow.

I did further research and read 3 different articles with suggestions for workouts that are suitable to my body type and got mostly 3 different opinions.  The common threads I saw were weight and cardio training, with emphasis on cadio.  Given that I am in a weight/cardio combo training routine until the end of my summer challenge, I still hold out great hope that I will reach my goal of weight loss and BMI reduction at the end of August.

On a good note, my glute muscle injury has improved greatly so barring any further difficulties, I am confident I will be able to do my cardio on the treadmill on Tuesday 🙂 .


Week 10

It’s a new day…a new month…a new week…and a NEW WORKOUT!  I’m so excited!  It’s also the last leg of my summer challenge so it’s do or die time here.

MONDAY:  Today is the first day of my new Fat Blaster 4 week workout.  If every day is like today, this is going to be a “blast” for sure.  Every week I will do circuits.  Mon, Wed and Fri are weight days.  Tues and Thurs are cardio days.  In the first week I will do a circuit that contains 5 sets of exercises on weight days.  Each set is a weight/cardio combo.  For instance, the first set in the circuit is dumbbell squats and high knee runs.  I take a 90 second rest between sets.  With each week, I add one new weight/cardio combo set to the circuit until the last week when I will do 8 combo sets per circuit.  The minimum goal is to get through an entire circuit at least 2 times.  Today, I did 3.  For cardio days I’ll do intervals on the treadmill that consist of jogging and sprinting….no walking.  This will be the biggest challenge for me, I think, because I have very little endurance.  The first week has 8 intervals.  By the 4th week there will be 12.

I am excited about this workout and I have high expectations of a good fat burn and nice results.  I am NOT going to sabotage my hard work with poor nutrition either.  After last month’s loss of almost all progress, I can’t afford to mess around now.

TUESDAY:  I spoke to my nephew Monday afternoon and he also believes I have suffered an injury in my right glute muscles.  He told me the name of the muscle but I don’t remember it now.  He said I should not still be sore after a week from doing that new exercise.  He believes I overworked the muscle.  So at his advice, when I went to do cardio this morning, I didn’t use the treadmill except for my 5 minute warm-up.  During warm-up, my muscle was pretty sore so I took cues from my body, like he told me to, and I used the bike today.  I’ve never used the bike at the gym before so it was a fun, new experience for me.  It was fun to lean forward and really “dig in” when it came time to “sprint.”  However, I never got my heart rate as high as I like to see it.  The highest it went was in the low 160’s.  I will likely still take it easy on Thursday and use the bike again if it’s available to give that muscle more time to heal but I think I’ll set the resistance higher on the bike.

He also told me to try jogging during the treadmill intervals but if my heart rate stays too high, I should walk instead.  The purpose of the slow jog or walk is to bring my heart rate back down to a normal level before I sprint again.  I already know I have heart rate issues and I’m sometimes sensitive to adrenalin so we’ll see how that goes.  Again, I’m not going to push it.  If my  heart rate stays too high, I will take the cue and drop down to walking instead of jogging.

WEDNESDAY:  Day 3 of my new Fat Burner workout.  I did pretty well this morning.  I pushed myself hard on all the combo sets in the circuit.  I did 3 circuits again this morning.  I was pretty spent by the time I was done.  Execution was a little easier today because I am more familiar with the routine.  The tops of my shoulders and back are still a little sore from Monday but I did the entire workout with no variations anyway.  I’m working hard not to screw up my diet, too, so I can get all the benefits possible from this last month.

THURSDAY:  Cardio again today and my butt muscle still isn’t quite right but it is getting better.  There is lots of improvement over how it felt on Sunday so I think by next Tuesday I should be ready to tear up the treadmill.  For today, I used the stationary bike again only this time, I kicked up the difficulty to 5.  Not extremely difficult but enough that I actually felt some resistance when I pedaled.  My nephew suggested making it hard enough to stand up and pedal but I wasn’t comfortable doing that so I still stayed seated but setting the resistance higher made a big difference.  This time when I got to the 30 second sprints I got my heart rate up into the 180’s.  That’s a little higher than where I’d like to be.  During the 90 second “jog” period my heart rate only came down into the 170’s….which is typically where I like it to be when I sprint.  So in contrast to  feeling like I didn’t get quite enough out of  Tuesday’s cardio workout, today I feel like maybe I got a little too much.  I was dizzy nearly half way through it and I backed off on my “jogging” speed a bit to let my heart rate settle down.  I got through it but by the 8th interval I was glad I was done.

FRIDAY:  Week One is in the books!  I think I did pretty well.  It was a little harder this morning than it was on Wednesday.  I’m not entirely sure why except this was a challenging workout and perhaps I’m still not getting enough water (ok…I know I’m not getting enough water).  Next week I will add a weight/cardio combo set to the circuit which means I will need to get up a little earlier than I have been or I won’t get all 3 circuits done.  I can’t settle for just 2.  That won’t be enough of a challenge.

I’ve done pretty well watching my diet this week, too.  The only indulgence I have allowed myself is a handful of potato chips dipped in low fat sour cream…and we’re talking like 3 or 4….not a whole bowl full.  All in all, I am happy with the way this week has gone and I hope to duplicate it again next week.

Stats Update 2.0

Sunday, August 5, 2012

I’m up 4 lbs from my last weigh-in 2 weeks ago. I’m not surprised by that. In the last week I went on vacation for a few days and for the most part, so did my diet. I allowed myself to eat junk that I don’t normally eat. I still exercised on the days I would normally (Mon & Tues) and even did some activities on my “off” days, but it wasn’t at my normal level. I mentioned in my previous post that I was worried about today’s update because I could tell that I hadn’t lost any weight.

What I am surprised by is my measurements. I’m up in nearly every category.

Here’s how my current measurements compare to last month:

Sunday, July 1, 2012 (4 wks)                     Sunday, August 5, 2012 (9wks)

BMI: 26.8                                                           BMI: 27.4

Weight: 166 lbs                                                Weight: 170

Upper Arms: R: 11 5/8″ L: 11 6/8″           Upper Arms: R: 11 6/8″ L: 11 7/8″

Fore Arms: R: 9 5/8″ L: 9 7/8″                  Fore Arms: R: 9 5/8″ L: 9 6/8″

Chest: 35.5″                                                       Chest: 35 1/4″

Waist: 31.5″ (upper) 33 6/8″ (lower)       Waist: 31 3/8″ (upper) 33 5/8″ (lower)

Hips: 43″                                                              Hips: 43 3/8″

Thighs: R: 24″ L: 24.25                                  Thighs: R: 24 7/8″ L: 24 6/8″

Knees: R: 16.5″ L: 16.25″                               Knees: R: 16 1/2″ L: 16 1/2″

Calves: R: 15″ L: 15.25″                                  Calves: R: 16″ L: 15 3/4″

Could some of these increases be muscle? Possibly. The increase in my upper arms and calves could be muscle. I suppose the increase in my thigh measurement could also be muscle. I did get into a smaller size of jeans this month (pictured below) so I know there have been improvements in my body composition but my BMI number doesn’t show that because my weight went up.

I’m glad I am starting a new routine tomorrow but I wish I felt stronger going into it. I am STILL having trouble with my glutes (especially the right side) after the workout I did with my sister a week ago tomorrow. I am starting to think I’ve irritated a nerve or something because the pain seems to come and go. I really hope it is better tomorrow morning.


Week 9

There was no Status Update 8.0 on Sunday because I was on vacation.  Yay!  I had a scale where I was but didn’t want to use it in order to stay consistent in my weigh-ins.  In fact, the scale where I was said I am lighter…even after eating and with clothes on…than I am at home.  This coming Sunday, it will be time to re-weigh and re-measure for the next 4 weeks of my challenge so I will do another update then.  For now, here’s how this week went.

MONDAY:  I am in the middle of the woods in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula and the nearest gym that I can use is an hour away.  Needless to say, I’m not going to the gym for a couple of days.  However, I can still have a decent workout without weights and equipment.

On Saturday, my sister and I went out in a canoe on the 400 acre private lake that my mother lives on.  We paddled around the entire thing and got some great arm, shoulder and back exercise in.  It was a beautiful, warm and sunny morning and the lake was nice and calm.  We saw a deer come to the edge of the lake for a drink.  We also saw a bald eagle and 2 blue herons.

On Sunday, we took a short walk/hike through the wooded portion of my mother’s land hoping to see some wildlife.  There are bear, moose, coyote and cougar in her region but we didn’t see anything.  The hike was still good exercise though.

After breakfast this morning, my sister and I went out on the deck and I did jumping  jacks and toe touches to warm up.  I did abs work and my sister taught me a new move for glutes.  I also did some push-ups and tricep dips.  I held 2 horseshoes in each hand (yes…I said horseshoes) and did some lateral shoulder raises.  I also used them to do some pec-dec exercises.  Then my sister and I did some leg exercises that she found in Better Homes & Gardens Magazine.  Wow!  They were a challenge.  They worked mostly glutes and hamstrings and required a LOT of balance which is not something I have in abundance.  But it was a ton of fun.  Afterward, we went for a brisk walk.

TUESDAY:  Today is the end of our short vacation and we will be traveling for several hours.  I did a short workout on the deck this morning that consisted of jumping  jacks and toe touches to warm up, followed by step-ups, calf raises, and several glute and abs floor exercises.  I also did bent-knee push ups (because I can go deeper with those) and tricep dips.  I am really sore today from the new exercises my sister and I tried.  In fact, as the day wore on I became more and more sore.  It is hard to walk right!  Tomorrow I’m back in the gym and scheduled to do my lower body workout.  We’ll see how my lower body is feeling in the morning.

WEDNESDAY:  I didn’t feel too bad getting out of bed this morning but decided to skip the lower body workout anyway and do my upper body day 1 routine instead.  I felt like I got a lot of lower body work in over the last few days but not a lot of upper.  I’m really glad I did this because my “not too bad” feeling when I first got out of bed was quickly replaced by soreness as I started to get moving.  It is STILL hard to walk right, too.  In addition, when I did my upper body routine it was harder than usual which proves I didn’t get a lot of upper body work in on my vacation.

I also didn’t get a lot of sleep last night and travel is always so difficult, especially when I spend hours in the car sitting in nearly the same position like I did yesterday.  My feet and hands swell up and I don’t eat right or drink enough.  All of this was evident in the gym this morning, too.  And….my monthly gift also arrived this morning so it’s just a trifecta of reasons to retain water.  I’m glad I have 4 days until my weight and measurement update.  Hopefully, I will have worked this all off by then.

THURSDAY:  Amazingly, I am still sore from Monday’s workout with my sister.  I’m starting to wonder just how good of shape I’m actually in after all this working out!  To make matters worse, I exacerbated it when I got into the car this morning.  I don’t know if I hit it on the belt buckle latch or if I strained it further but it was so incredibly painful I couldn’t even sit for a few minutes.  I was scheduled to do cardio today but my right side was in so much pain I decided to go easy.  I did cardio but I walked at 3.5 pace for 45 minutes.  I barely broke a sweat but I felt that muscle for most of it and all day afterward so I’m glad I didn’t go with the elliptical and push for speed.

FRIDAY:  My right glute muscle is better this morning.  Still sore but much better than yesterday.  I’m starting to have hope that by Monday it will be back to normal in time for me to start my new routine.  I am very excited about it.  I’d like to go into it feeling strong and whole.

I feel like I sort of fizzled out at the end of this last 4 weeks.  I like to finish strong and I am not feeling very strong at the moment.  I’m also concerned about my measurements coming up on Sunday because I don’t feel like my body changed much, if at all, this time around.  I guess the measuring tape and scale will tell.

Week 8

MONDAY:  Rainy days, Mondays and sinus headaches always get me down…..not exactly the lyrics sung by the late Karen Carpenter but they definitely apply to my Monday morning.  I still rolled out of bed at my usual time to get ready to go to the gym.  I still did a complete Upper Body Day 1 workout and didn’t skimp on the weights or the exercises…although I was rather sloth-like today.  But by the time I got home, my headache was gone 🙂  Funny….before this summer challenge I would have let that headache defeat me.  Who knew exercise was the best cure for a sinus headache?  It has happened time and time again, too.  I never would have thought that in a million years.

TUESDAY:  My first coherent thought this morning was “Oh crap…..cardio.”  How did I go from being a cardio fan (I almost said fanatic but if I’m honest I have to say I was never THAT excited about it) to loathing the idea?  It is a mystery to me.  However, I have reached the point where cardio is no longer my idea of a good time.  But I do realize and acknowledge that it is a necessary evil for burning the stores of fat I still have in abundance on my thighs and elsewhere so I will continue to endure it.  Just don’t expect me to like it….much.

This morning I chose the elliptical as my torture machine and I did the full 45 minutes.  I almost stopped at the 25 minute mark and switched to the treadmill but slowed down instead and drank some water.  Aside from that little moment of hesitation, I turned up my ipod, put my nose to the grindstone and pedaled on undaunted.  It is a lot easier when I can shut my mind off and not play the psychological games.

WEDNESDAY:  I got through my lower body workout today but it would have been a whole lot easier if I drank enough water yesterday.  My thigh muscles burned about 2 reps into each set instead of burning near the end of the 12 reps like they should.  That is all thanks to being dehydrated (again), I’m sure.

Why is it so hard to drink enough water?  I bring filtered water with me to work every day in a 24 oz bottle and the vast majority of the time I barely drink half of it.  My friend, MHH over at Sustainable Health and Fitness, shared in her blog this morning that the old thinking which says a person should drink 6 to 8 8oz glasses of water every day is no longer a good rule of thumb.  Instead, you should take your weight and divide it by 2 and THAT is how many ounces of water you should be drinking.  What a revelation!  The old 48 ounces just turned into 83.5 for me!  I think I’d have to put one of those hats that have the 2 cup holders and a straw on my head and just drink continuously 24/7 in order to consume that much water!  OH!…..and let’s not forget the catheter I’d need to have inserted so I don’t spend every waking moment in the bathroom eliminating all that water.  As my son would say….. FOR REAL??  Yes, Amy…..for real, now stop your whining.  I can complain all I want and that doesn’t change the fact that MHH is right (along with lots of other smart people who have done the research) and I need to just suck up the water and be quiet already.

THURSDAY:  This morning I was supposed to do cardio but I interrupted my regularly scheduled programming.  Today is my last workout day for this week because tomorrow I will be traveling and will not be able to get to the gym before my departure time.  But I anticipate some extra curricular activities this weekend so I’m not worried about one missed day in the gym.

I decided to do my Upper Body Day 2 workout his morning instead of cardio mostly because I just didn’t want to do cardio (how’s that for honesty?).  However, I did my workout with gusto.  I didn’t skimp on the weights AND I was able to get through all 3 sets of bicep curls with the 15 lb weights!  That was the first time I’ve done that since I started my new routine at the beginning of July.  Usually, I can only get through 1.5 sets before I have to drop down to 12’s.  I am excited about that accomplishment!  It means I’m progressing and getting STRONGER!  🙂  I also challenged myself when I did abs by switching out one of the exercises.  I usually do leg raises where I lie on my back with both my legs in the air and I alternate lowering one of them at a time without touching the floor for 3 sets of 12 reps.  Today, I went “old school” and I did leg lifts like we used to have to do in junior high gym class.  I put my hands under my butt for support and raised my legs about 6 or 8 inches off the floor, opened them (like scissors), closed them and then touched the floor quickly before I went into the next raise.  That brought back some torturous memories!

I end this week with anticipation of things to come.   On August 6th I will begin Week 1 of the new workout my nephew has given me for the final 4 weeks of my challenge.  I am totally stoked and can’t wait to start it.  I was initially going to start it on Aug 1st but have decided to delay until the 6th so I’m not changing in the middle of a week.  That means I will continue my current workout for one more week.  The new one promises to be the hardest physical challenge I have ever taken on….voluntarily…..haha!  When I’m a sweaty, exhausted mess on the gym floor, would you remind me of how excited I was at the beginning?

Weight Update 7.0

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Weight:  167
No change.  I did better on my calories this week, too.  I was only over on 2 days and not by very much (59 calories on Monday and 160 on Wednesday).  At least I didn’t gain anything this past week.

This next week will be the last full week of my second workout for the summer.  On August 1st, my nephew is giving me a new workout that is designed to last for 4 weeks.  That will take me through the end of August and be my last workout of my summer challenge.  I’ll post details when I have them.  It will be a grueling and challenging workout.  I’ve already done a modified version of it at his house.  It kicked my butt to be sure!  I was sore immediately and stayed that way for about 3 days.  It’s an all over body workout that incorporates weights and cardio combined into one workout.

The highlight of the week was a trip to Fashion Bug yesterday afternoon to spend a couple gift cards I had.  By the way…if you have gift cards from there I suggest you go spend them.  Fashion Bug is closing in January.  The store in my town is already liquidating (I assume because profits are too low).  Anyway, the highlight wasn’t the sale, although that was an added bonus.  The highlight was trying on jeans.  Fashion Bug has a sizing system called Right Fit jeans.  They come in 3 different cuts:  yellow square, red triangle, blue circle.  The cuts are based on your type of figure:  straight, moderately curvy or curvy.  I tried on blue circle 14’s and 12’s yesterday.  I couldn’t believe how big the 14’s were!  That was the last size jean I bought at that store about a year ago.  But the 12’s fit!  They might be a little tight after I wash them but they fit in the store and they were 50% off so guess who got a new pair of smaller jeans! 🙂

I hope you have a good week and accomplish the goals you set for yourself in the gym.  Don’t give up even when you get discouraged.  I had a lot of excitement going into this adventure back in June and it has waned a lot since then.  But I am not going to stop trying to progress and strive for fitness.  It is worth it!  Every day isn’t going to be like the one I had on the elliptical machine back in June.  Most days are going to be average and low key.  But every day I’m in the gym is a day moving forward toward my goal of being fit and trim.  So I won’t psyche myself out doing cardio or when I’m laying in bed and I really, really don’t want to get out and go to the gym.  I am going to keep pressing toward my goal.  Don’t you give up either.

Week 7

I didn’t do very well logging my meals last week….especially over the weekend.  Sunday was a bit of a diet disaster.  I did well in the morning but for lunch I ate Chinese with a bunch of people from my church.  I love Chinese but I feel so bad the next day it’s usually not worth it to eat it, even when I try to order something with veggies and no breading like on Sunday.  I was also careful not to eat until I was stuffed.  Then dinner was a combination of whatever I could find in the fridge….cucumbers, veggie dip, a small piece of shortcake with butter and crab rangoons.  Not a lot of protein there and too many carbs!  UGH!!  Then I crashed out on the sofa at around 7:30 PM and was out for the night…for the most part.  We won’t even talk about the lack of water for the day.

Oh let’s just move on, shall we?  One thing I know for certain is without this blog, I would have caved by now.  It is knowing that someone might read this and not wanting to write a post that says “I decided to wimp out and not go to the gym today” that has kept me going every day.  So thanks for being part of my daily motivation.  It means a lot that you’re interested.

MONDAY:  Upper Body Day 1 for the week which is chest, shoulders and tris.  My workout went so well that I had extra time at the end.  Just for my friend, MHH, I got on the treadmill and did 10 minutes of cardio intervals instead of heading out the door.  I’m still tight in my right hamstring so I didn’t push it too hard.  I’ll throw in more cardio at the end of weight days from now on if I have time at the end like today.  I’m still of the mind that strength training is more important than cardio…at least for me…at the moment so I’m not willing to cut out sets in order to make time for cardio every day.  But….I won’t slack and blow it off when there is time to get it done.

TUESDAY:  Today is an all cardio day.  I did the full amount but I decided to take it a little slower today.  My right hamstring is better but still wanting to give me grief so I decided it was best not to push it.  I went 45 minutes on the treadmill at 3.5 mph.  I was able to do that with hardly any tightness in my hamstring until after the workout.  Tomorrow is lower body so we’ll see how the hamstring feels on Thursday when I have to do cardio again.  It may just be a light cardio week this week.

WEDNESDAY:  Another morning thunderstorm at the gym 🙂  Not like the last one…less thunder and lightening.  Today was lower body and it all went fine.  I didn’t have extra time at the end to get more cardio in today.  My right hamstring is still tight but feels a little better.  I’ve been in a perpetual state of soreness since I started this new routine.  It’s good because it means I’m working my muscles but sometimes it just makes me tired.  Today is a tired day.

THURSDAY:  What I’m learning this week is that it’s as much psychological as it is physical…maybe more.  Not long ago, cardio was my favorite part of working out.  I had no problem jumping on the treadmill after 45 minutes of weights and doing 15 minutes or so of cardio.  It’s not that I don’t like it anymore but I sure don’t love it like I used to.  Since I’ve increased my time to 45 minutes, it’s been a real psychological battle to get through it all.  I find myself watching my time a lot.  After the first 4 minutes I’m thinking, “Great!  I’m 1/10th of the way through this!”  At 10 minutes I’m trying to talk myself into switching to a different machine (today it was elliptical to treadmill) at  the 25 minute mark.  At 20 minutes I’m coaching myself through the next 5.  At 25 minutes I’m telling myself to suck it up and stay where I am.  At 30 minutes I’m berating myself for not switching.  At 35 minutes I’m telling myself that it’s only 10 more minutes.  When I get to the end, I’m not sure if I’m more exhausted because of the physical stress or the mental stress!

FRIDAY:  Wow….where did the week go?  I am amazed to wake and discover it’s Friday already.  Today’s workout was “routine,” I guess.  Everything went well and I had 10 extra minutes at the end so I did some walking at 3.5 on the treadmill.  I met a nice woman who just started coming with her son in the mornings on her way to work.  Her son is 11 and he’s a little chubby.  I wouldn’t call him obese, exactly, but he does have a weight problem.  She said it was his idea to start coming to the gym.  She thinks he’s getting teased.

We humans can be so cruel to each other.  I was not very nice to some people when I was his age and I had it returned to me in spades in junior high.  What a waste of time and energy.  I am glad to see this boy reached out to his mom and asked if they could do something constructive about his situation.  Too often, kids who are teased or bullied keep their pain hidden inside until it manifests itself in violence against others or themselves (or both).  Maybe this little boy’s experience of finding something positive in the gym will allow him to positively motivate someone else down the road who is getting teased about his weight.

Weight Update 6.0

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Weight: 167 lbs.

Back down 3 lbs. I’ll take it.

I have high hopes that this will be a good week. Hormones and mood are back in check. Hopefully my energy levels will stay the same or increase and I’ll see some good progress. I’m trying not to panic over being on the “downhill” side of this adventure and having a vacation coming up soon. I will only miss 2 days in the gym but I know it will be harder to eat right and not eat late in the day. I’ll have to be diligent with the workouts I do to replace what I will miss in the gym.

I had some back and forth discussion this week with my friend, MHH, about adding more cardio to my fitness plans. I’m rather resistant to the idea, mostly because of time constraints in the morning and lack of energy in the evening, not because I dislike cardio. I just read a very interesting article on weight loss vs fat loss and resistance training vs aerobic exercise. If you’re interested you can read it here:

There are benefits to doing BOTH but HOW you do them is key to your success in losing fat and not just losing weight. Furthermore, you need to be careful not to lose muscle. For myself, personally, I want to lose fat and gain muscle. I already have plans for kicking up my pace and doing interval-type resistance and cardio exercises in the 3rd month of my journey this summer. Reading this article has reinforced my plans.

I hope you have a good week of learning and progression.


Week 6

This week marks the midway point of my summer workout challenge.  Time sure is flying by!  I really feel like I have to make the most of these next 6 weeks.  I am trying to remind myself that this isn’t about the number on the scale but after last week’s diet disaster, it’s hard not to focus on that.  I didn’t set a particular BMI goal level…only to reduce it.  If I’m honest with myself I have to admit that what I really want is to be out of the “over weight” category…which will require a 16 lb weight loss.  But do I want to focus on that?  I know from past experience that if I get fixated on a number on the scale I will not be able to enjoy the progress I do make if I don’t make that one goal.  I don’t want to do that to myself.  So what is the answer?

MONDAY:  Today was chest, shoulders and triceps day.  There was nothing really remarkable to speak of during my workout except the gym seemed crowded this morning with 2 other people there besides me.  I’ve gotten used to having the place all to myself this early in the morning.  I also had a little bit of an issue with my left shoulder but nothing that made me think I should alter my workout in any way.  Aside from that, it was fine.  My mood and hormones, however, were NOT.  I can’t wait for the next couple of days to pass so I can get back to feeling more like myself again.  Sometimes it really stinks to be female.

I still have no food in the house so finding a good lunch & dinner today is job #1.  I am going grocery shopping tonight so tomorrow will be a better nutrition day.

TUESDAY:  I can already feel the hormone fog beginning to lift.  It is amazing what hormones can do to how I feel, think and act.  I am beginning to get a better perspective on what happened last week and how to move forward from here.  It also helps to have a new supply of food in the house to make better choices with.

I did my first 45 minute cardio workout on the treadmill this morning.  It has been several weeks since I completed an entire workout on the treadmill.  I forgot how hard it is.  It amazes me that I can get so breathless and feel so exhausted by the end and I only burned 3 more calories than I do on the elliptical for the same period of time.  That just seems patently unfair, doesn’t it?  I did go a slightly shorter distance but really it’s basically all the same.  Several times I wanted to give up and only go 30 minutes.  But instead of doing that I backed my speed down a little bit from 7.0 running to 6.5 running for about 4 or 5 intervals.  I also added about 7 seconds to when I switched from walking to running.  That seemed to help.  At the very least, it allowed me to finish my full workout and not succumb to the difficulty.

I noticed some pretty major tenderness in my upper left back today.  I had some shoulder difficulty on the left side on Monday so I wonder if it’s connected.  It actually itches it’s so sore and it feels like I got hit with something and there’s a bruise back there.

WEDNESDAY:  Today was lower body.  Again, nothing remarkable to speak of regarding my workout.  The tenderness in my upper left back is still there but better than yesterday.  I also feel like I’m walking funny today and I wonder if it has anything to do with yesterday’s treadmill workout.  My right foot feels “off.”  I can’t put my finger on the problem.  It just feels like it doesn’t want to work right and I’m slapping it down on the floor when I walk.  It doesn’t hurt but I’m definitely walking funny.  Hmmmmm…….Maybe it’s my shoe.  I have a pair of Birkenstocks I’ve had for about 6 or 7 years.  I LOVE them!  I know my feet are smaller (or rather thinner) than they used to be.  I have adjusted the straps.  Maybe I need to adjust them again.  I have one hole left!

THURSDAY:  I decided this morning to split my cardio workout between the elliptical and the treadmill.  I did the first 25 minutes on the elliptical which was pretty uneventful.  I stuck to the 15 minute mile pace (or slightly under).  When I switched to the treadmill, however, I encountered problems.  First, my left ankle felt like it needed to crack and I couldn’t get it to.  I even got off the treadmill for a minute to stretch and still nothing.  The sensation made me feel like my footing wasn’t sure.  In addition, my right foot was still flapping away on the treadmill whether I was walking or running.  I did 2 running intervals and decided that was enough.  I walked the rest at a 3.5 pace (approx. 16 min. mile).  I still managed to burn a total of 345 calories between the 2 machines but I was unimpressed with my treadmill performance.  It was during this ordeal that I realized my foot flopping issue has nothing to do with my Birkenstock shoes (I wasn’t even wearing them!) and EVERYTHING to do with my rapidly tightening right hamstring muscle.  My leg doesn’t want to fully extend which causes my foot to “flop” about mid-stride.  I guess I need to spend some time doing hamstring stretches tonight.

FRIDAY:  I am always glad to get to this point in the week.  Workouts on Friday are much more motivational because I know I get 2 days of blissful rest after this.  🙂 Today’s workout went pretty well.  I didn’t slack and I tried a new bicep exercise my nephew suggested.  It’s called a French Curl.  You use a barbell with lighter weight than you would use for a traditional bicep curl and place your hands on the bar palms down.  I can already feel some soreness in my arms because I worked muscles that rarely get used.  I love trying new things and seeing/feeling the results afterward.

I also want to give a shout out to my friend, MHH from Sustainable Health and Fitness ( for helping me with my wretched hamstring muscle.  She reminded me how to stretch it and I spent about 20 minutes rolling around my living room floor and putting my feet on furniture trying to stretch that sucker back into the proper size.  I felt like my leg was slowly shrinking on me!  It is MUCH better today and I am grateful.  So, thanks, MHH!  I love you to pieces!  xoxo

I asked at the beginning of this post what the answer was to my dilemma with the scale.  The answer is proper perspective.  I have to regain the perspective I had at the beginning of this.  I know I am making positive progress because I can feel it in my body and others have commented on it.  Forward motion…no matter how small…is the goal.  Progress….baby steps in the right direction.  Any weight lost will result in a lower BMI which is what I want.  I might not get out of the overweight category this summer and that’s OK.  That doesn’t mean I won’t eventually and when this challenge is over, it gives me something to continue to strive for.

Weight Update 5.0

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Weight:  170

Up and down the weight roller coaster we go!  That “skinny feeling” was no where to be seen this week.  I know the reasons, too.  They aren’t excuses but facts that made up a week of bad decisions.  Bad hormone levels and a mid-week holiday provided an atmosphere for low will power that lead to an entire week of bad eating.

I have been pretty diligent about filling out my food diary on but not last week.  I didn’t even bother with last Sunday because we had a church cook out.  No…I didn’t make good decisions about my diet on Sunday.  On Monday, my choices weren’t bad, I just ate too much and went 469 calories over my 1540 allotment.  Tuesday was a good day.  The only day I was legitimately under my allotment.  Wednesday…the day started off good.  I was in the gym on a holiday!  But my lunch and dinner came from 2 different 4th of July parties.  Again…I didn’t make good decisions.  On Thursday, my husband and I arrived at work to find our office had flooded in a storm on Tuesday night.  We spent the day getting it cleaned up and came home to a house without a lot of healthy food in it.  I allowed my fatigue from the day to rule and I made a poor choice at dinner and ate 993 calories in that one meal alone.  That put me 314 calories over for the day.  Friday wasn’t horrible as far as types of food but I still went 336 calories over due to the amount I ate.  Yesterday, was OK.  I didn’t log all my food but I think I stayed within my allotment or maybe went slightly over but I did a lot of walking with a friend at Frankenmuth so I’m not too concerned about yesterday.

That brings me to the weigh-in today and I knew it wasn’t going to be pretty.  I’m honestly surprised I didn’t gain more than 4 lbs.  This week was a perfect storm of hormones, holiday parties and unhealthy choices.  If we’re honest, we know that we all have weeks like this.  The good news is I had my butt in the gym every, single day and I did the workouts without slacking even though I really didn’t want to…especially on Friday.  I am going to feel good about that.  Not long ago, I would have eaten like this (and then some!) and not done a single physical activity to counter act all those calories.  I may still make bad diet decisions occasionally but it is not a constant way of life any more.

It’s a new day in a fresh, new week.  I’m looking forward to advancing in my new workout schedule for the month and to seeing progress at the end of this week.  No looking back…just moving forward.


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