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I just did WHAT?

Sunday, June 3, 2012

The morning dawns and reality sets in.  Did I really just post all that information for the world to see? No…..I didn’t do THAT! Then I remember the little notification that WordPress gave me that said “we’ve shared your post with 191 people on Facebook.” 191 PEOPLE!?!?!? OK…breathe…..I guess there’s no turning back now, is there? Of course, that doesn’t mean 191 people will actually READ this blog either.

But what have I done, really? I shared part of my personal story that has defined the last 2 ½ years of my life. I shared some information about an important health crisis I faced and what has resulted from that struggle. I shared some personal statistics like weight and clothing size. That wasn’t “too much information” was it?

This blog is to help me keep my word to myself. It is insurance against those moments of weakness when I will want to quit. I already want to quit and I haven’t even started! If sharing some of my personal and somewhat embarrassing statistics helps keep me on track it will have been worth it.

WARNING:  Here comes some more personal information….

Starting Statistics:

BMI: 27.1 (still within the “overweight” range)

Go to for the BMI calculator I used.

Weight: 168 lbs

Upper Arms: Right: 12 1/4” Left: 12 1/4”

Fore Arms: Right: 9 5/8” Left: 9 7/8”

Chest: 35 6/8”

Waist: 31 6/8” (upper) 36” (lower)

Hips: 43 7/8”

Thighs: Right: 24 6/8” Left: 24 6/8”

Knees: Right: 16 1/2” Left: 16”

Calves: Right: 15 1/2” Left: 15 1/2”

For the first month I plan to work my upper body on Mon & Fri. I will work my lower body and abs on Wed. Tues & Thurs is cardio. I will alternate the days every week changing to lower/abs on Mon, Fri, etc. Tues and Thurs will always be cardio.

I’m currently reading The Skinny Rules by Bob Harper. I am looking for ways to change up my eating habits and for new recipes to try.

I’ll update my statistics again in a month. I hope to see some meaningful progress.


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