Weight Update 5.0

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Weight:  170

Up and down the weight roller coaster we go!  That “skinny feeling” was no where to be seen this week.  I know the reasons, too.  They aren’t excuses but facts that made up a week of bad decisions.  Bad hormone levels and a mid-week holiday provided an atmosphere for low will power that lead to an entire week of bad eating.

I have been pretty diligent about filling out my food diary on MyFitnessPal.com but not last week.  I didn’t even bother with last Sunday because we had a church cook out.  No…I didn’t make good decisions about my diet on Sunday.  On Monday, my choices weren’t bad, I just ate too much and went 469 calories over my 1540 allotment.  Tuesday was a good day.  The only day I was legitimately under my allotment.  Wednesday…the day started off good.  I was in the gym on a holiday!  But my lunch and dinner came from 2 different 4th of July parties.  Again…I didn’t make good decisions.  On Thursday, my husband and I arrived at work to find our office had flooded in a storm on Tuesday night.  We spent the day getting it cleaned up and came home to a house without a lot of healthy food in it.  I allowed my fatigue from the day to rule and I made a poor choice at dinner and ate 993 calories in that one meal alone.  That put me 314 calories over for the day.  Friday wasn’t horrible as far as types of food but I still went 336 calories over due to the amount I ate.  Yesterday, was OK.  I didn’t log all my food but I think I stayed within my allotment or maybe went slightly over but I did a lot of walking with a friend at Frankenmuth so I’m not too concerned about yesterday.

That brings me to the weigh-in today and I knew it wasn’t going to be pretty.  I’m honestly surprised I didn’t gain more than 4 lbs.  This week was a perfect storm of hormones, holiday parties and unhealthy choices.  If we’re honest, we know that we all have weeks like this.  The good news is I had my butt in the gym every, single day and I did the workouts without slacking even though I really didn’t want to…especially on Friday.  I am going to feel good about that.  Not long ago, I would have eaten like this (and then some!) and not done a single physical activity to counter act all those calories.  I may still make bad diet decisions occasionally but it is not a constant way of life any more.

It’s a new day in a fresh, new week.  I’m looking forward to advancing in my new workout schedule for the month and to seeing progress at the end of this week.  No looking back…just moving forward.


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  1. Never give up, tomorrow is always a new day 🙂

  2. Jill Mongene

    Yes, leave last week behind and spend some of today – Sunday – making meal prep for the week. Have you ever packed your snacks and lunches on Sunday? I usually make two recipes on Sunday and then weigh them and put them in bowls for the next week. That way, I have no choice but to grab one of the two for my work lunch. I also premeasure yogurt w/fruit and a carb/protein – like crackers and cheese. It takes the stress and decision of bad eating right out of my life!

    I think you are doing GREAT!! You’re not fluctuating very much. I’m up 2.2 lbs today – but I weigh every day and log only my lowest weight throughout the week. So, don’t beat yourself up. And you’re RIGHT. You were in the gym a ton last week.

    Oh, I read something on FB this week it said the way to get the leanest this summer: 1. Put your nutrition first and your exercise second. Never make a nutritional choice after an exercise choice. I take that as meaning, put your calorie counting as the priority because that’s what is going to make the differences. I agree – when I am tight and stay in my calorie window I do great. It is truly a challenge every day for us huh?

    • Thank you for the encouragement. No…I don’t typically do meal preparation on Sundays. Sunday is the day I rest, most weeks. But I do pack my lunches and snacks nearly every day. The time I don’t do well is near the next payday (which is now) because food in the house is low. I’m going shopping tomorrow though so that will be better soon. 🙂

  3. I love your honesty and openess. You are correct, a bad week is just that…a bad week. You will learn to make healthier choices at events over time because you will have changed your habits. At work, we have a junk food function about every week. I get a lot of slack for not indulging, but that stuff no longer holds appeal for me. (except cake haha) I do have a workout suggestion for you if you are interested….let me know.

    Have a great week of health and fitness!

    • That’s what makes this past week so frustrating for me. I HAVE changed my habits. I’ve nearly completed 2 years of changed habits. I should have done much better than I did. But I’m not going to wallow in it. A new week has begun.

      Private message me your workout suggestion on Facebook. I’m always interested in new input.

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