My Workout Sched 2.0

This week I will change up my routine and focus more on muscle groups.  I will still do 3 days of weights and 2 days of cardio.  On Mondays I will do chest, tris and shoulders.  On Wednesdays I will do all lower body but I will add some more exercises.  On Fridays I will do back, biceps and abs.  I am still doing 3 sets of 12 reps for each exercise but I will also be adding weight.  For cardio, I will still use the elliptical and treadmill, however, I will bump it up to 45 minutes of cardio instead of 30 and still do this on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Hang on to your hats, folks….this is going to be challenging!  But…that’s what this journey is all about.  When it starts to get easy, it’s time to add more weight and switch things up.  My new workout routine is below:

Upper Body – Day 1

CHEST – push-ups, pulley flies and one of the following:  pec-dec, incline dumbbell presses or flat dumbbell presses

SHOULDERS – butterfly, power clean and one of the following:  shoulder press, forward raises or lateral raises

TRICEPS – pull down extension, kick-backs and one of the following: skull-crushers, dips or overhead raises)

Upper Body – Day 2

BACK – seated rows, lat pulls and one of the following:  dumbbell rows or bent-over barbell rows

BICEPS – dumbbell curls and one of the following:  seated or standing barbell curls

ABS – revers sit-ups w/weighted ball, leg raises and extension

Lower Body

Dead Lifts and one of the following:  squats w/dumbbells, squats on bosu ball or pop squts

All 4 leg machines

CALVES – standing and seated calf raises

Low Back extension


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  1. Holy cow!! I took this list and printed it out. I’ve done the day one and day 2 workouts this week and my arms are on FIRE!!! Why is it that P90X was not doing that for me. Thanks for sharing it. I’m cussing you for how bad my shoulders and tris hurt!!

    • Remember…I worked up to that workout for 30 days. That wasn’t my first one for the summer. Maybe you should look at the first workout I did and try that one. You might be doing too much. Also, watch how much weight you use, especially on your shoulders. Shoulder muscles are delicate and can be injured easily. On the butterflies, I started off with 8 lbs and I was at that level for a long time before I went up to 10. I am still using 8 lb weights for the shoulder presses and I still use 5 lb weights for the lateral and front raises. I don’t feel strong enough to use more than that yet. How much weight are you using on each exercise?

      Mild to moderate soreness for about 3 days is normal, especially when you’re starting out. But if you are so sore that it impedes normal movement, you’re doing too much.

    • And one more thing…..YOU GO GIRL! I am proud of you for starting to use weights.

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