Weight Update 3.0

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Weight:  170 lbs

Yup…you read that right.  I GAINED 3 lbs last week.  This is my struggle.  I gain and lose the same 5 lbs over and over again.  I have done this since my weight settled around 165 lbs back in February or March of 2011.  I would not be at all surprised to see it come right back off again this week.  I guess I’ll find that out when I get to next Sunday.

I don’t think the “getting skinny” feeling I was experiencing last week was a mirage either.  There are definitely some changes happening and I’m getting stronger.  There is no question about that.

I didn’t spend any time over the last 3 days obsessing over my diet and making sure I get everything entered into my diary on MyFitnessPal every day either.  I went “off the grid” and spent the weekend doing something much more important and fulfilling than that.

My family spent the weekend with another family that we have grown to love more and more every time we are with them.  God brought 2 of our children together as friends when they met in college a couple of years ago but only recently began to knit the hearts of the adults together.  We only met these folks 6 months ago but it feels like we have known them for a lifetime.  Have you ever met someone like that?

During this weekend we had the privilege of playing an active roll while God was blessing this family.  The interesting thing in being involved in something like that is God also finds ways to bless us when we are helping Him to bless others.  The gift doesn’t return void.  The blessing for us was in the giving.

Fitness is an important goal and it is good to treat our bodies well and to get into shape so we can be strong and healthy.  But it is also important to take time out to nurture relationships and be willing to move when God says He has something He wants us to do.  I couldn’t have spent my time any better than how I spent it this weekend.


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  1. I still think you’re doing great. And, just to keep you motivated here’s a great blog that you can read = right on your point!


    • Thanks for the blog reference. I read it and you’re right! I’ve often thought about weighing myself daily just to see how it fluctuates from day to day but I have a really old scale so I don’t get the fractions of a pound difference.

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