Week 3

MONDAY:  Much as I wanted to just stay in bed this  morning, I dragged myself out and got to the gym to do my upper body workout.  It went pretty well, all things considered.  I didn’t push to add more weight but rather maintained what I added last week.  I can definitely tell my body is still fighting off this bug because my muscles don’t feel as sure as they did on Thursday and Friday last week.  I am trying very hard not to be deterred.  I don’t feel any worse this morning so I’m taking that as a good sign.  No sign of infection either so I hope this is just a virus that is going to have to run its course.  I also think this is something different/additional to what I started off with nearly 2 weeks ago because the symptoms are slightly different.

Let this be a lesson in making sure you clean the equipment when you are done with it at the gym and even BEFORE you use it.  I’m not saying that I caught this in the gym although it is possible.  I got exposed to enough illness outside the gym this past month to know it likely came from somewhere else.  However, I am in the gym using the equipment with this illness.  I’m not sick enough to stay home.  No fever, no chills or muscle aches, no chest congestion, no abdominal symptoms.  I DO try and make sure I clean the equipment when I’m done for the sake of others who will use it after me.  I need to remember to also clean it before I even start.  Unfortunately, not everyone in the gym cares enough to clean up when they’re through, sick or not.  There are all kinds of germs lurking in the gym.  Just be careful for yourself and courteous to others by remembering to clean the equipment.

TUESDAY:  Back on the elliptical machine today.  This time I did the “manual” program so I could see how many calories I burned.  I think it said 250 when I was done.  That’s better than what I get on the treadmill…another reason to love the elliptical machine.  I kept the 15 min. mile pace on the second half so that was good.  I need to get the 15 min. mile in the first half, too, though.  Something to shoot for. 🙂

I really have to take the time to put music on my ipod for my cardio workouts.  I’ve had it with the gym music from Pandora.  I thought you were supposed to get variety with that program?  I just keep hearing the same 4 songs when I’m in there.  I know, I know…I’ll get sick of my ipod, too, but at least it will be music I like.

WEDNESDAY:  It was really hard to get out of bed this morning.  After waking to take my thyroid meds, I ended up back in a deep sleep cycle and couldn’t shake the fog when my alarm went off.  I got out the door late and that set me behind at the gym.  I did my lower body workout and added weight to the hip abductor and adductor.  I couldn’t do all 3 sets with the additional weight but I did the first 2.  I also added 10 lbs of weight to my dead lifts and 5 lbs of weight to my low back extensions.  I didn’t have time to get both of my abs exercises in so I added 8 reps to each set and on the 2nd and 3rd set I added a 4 lb medicine ball.  I think I will continue to use the ball because the reverse sit-ups are no longer a challenge just using the weight of my legs.  I have nerve damage in my neck from my thyroid surgery so I shouldn’t do a normal sit up.  It requires too much muscle strain in the front of my neck and it causes tightness and restriction.  I’ve been seeing a massage therapist to help alleviate that and he recommended the reverse sit ups to work my abs.

THURSDAY:  I thought I might have over done it yesterday by adding weight to my dead lifts AND the low back extension because a knot developed in my lower left back during the day on Wednesday.  I’m happy to report there is no sign of it today. 🙂

Oh what a difference having your own music to listen to makes in the gym!!  Now I completely understand why 90% of the people in there have ear buds stuffed into their ears.  My son was kind enough to load some music on my ipod for me earlier this week and this morning was my first time using it in gym.  It was nothing short of AMAZING!!  Not only was I able to go on the elliptical at better than a 15 min. mile pace for both miles (just over 13 mins or so ea.) but I had about the best workout ever.  I felt fantastic when I was done!  It was so nice not to have to find a rhythm on that machine while listening to some schmuck drone on about how he’d like to cheat on his current girlfriend with his ex who has lips like an angel.  Give me a break!  I was motivated today by Five for Fighting, Adelle, ELO, The Monkeys, Journey….stuff an old lady like me can relate to!  Haha!  Who knew I could get going so fast on the elliptical to Mr. Blue Sky?  It was exhilarating!

I can also tell my body is starting to respond to the changes these last 2 1/2 weeks.  I’m starting to get that “skinny feeling.”  You may know what I mean.  It’s this sensation I get when my body is starting to shed weight.  It’s hard to describe.  A friend told me yesterday they knew what I meant and that I wasn’t crazy…it’s a real feeling.  Glad to know I’m not crazy in my head.  But after this morning’s workout….crazy in my attitude can sometimes be a good thing.

FRIDAY:  Went a little later to the gym this morning.  I took the day off from work because friends are coming in for the weekend.  I had a lot to do today but I didn’t let that deter me from making sure I got to the gym.  My workout was good.  I’m mostly just looking forward to spending time with our friends.  I hope you have a good weekend, too.  I’ll update my weight again on Sunday.  Oh!  That nasty cold is gone, now, too.  😉


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  1. AWESOME! Go get it girl!

  2. So awesome!! You’re BACK!!! With a vengence. Go get that goal!!

  3. I see, immediately, how you can be an “Energizer Hunny” to a lot of people. Ted’s cousin in Doris’ and Nola’s generation, Barb Huntwork Robbins (Yooper)

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