A Look at What I Eat

For those of you who may be interested, here is a report from MyFitnessPal that shows everything I ate last week.  It is the first full week of keeping a food diary since I started this on June 4th.

Every day I set my alarm to take my thyroid meds so there is a full hour between my meds and breakfast.  I eat breakfast before I head to the gym.  I drink my protein shake as soon as I get home.  I eat a morning snack around 9:30 AM or so.  Lunch is usually around noon.  I eat another snack in the afternoon around 3 PM.  I try to eat my dinner before 7 PM.  I don’t eat anything after dinner.

I am usually ready to eat by the time snacks and meals roll around.  When I go to bed I am slightly hungry.  It is best to go to bed that way with no carbs in your system to allow your body to burn fat for energy while you sleep.  It also helps your hormones to stay at optimal levels for good sleep which allows your body to repair and build muscle.

I am by no means perfect when it comes to this eating schedule but I try to stick as close to it as possible.  If anything, I have trouble on weekends when my schedule isn’t as regimented as it is during the week.  Typically, I don’t eat ENOUGH on weekends.  June 16th is not a typical Saturday for me.  I usually don’t cook a meal and eat it for lunch.  But I was particularly hungry that day so I ate.  Sometimes you just have to do that.

Click the link below that says “Diet.”  Feel free to comment.  I would appreciate your feedback.



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  1. Wow!! You did great!! WAY better than me Amy…

    The only comment I would make is fiber, fiber, fiber. 25g or more. Otherwise, I need to start taking more lessons from YOU!

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