Week 2

Like the first week, this week had it’s own set of challenges.  My summer cold hasn’t quite departed but is getting better so that was good.  The week began with some lovely female issues (that we won’t get into here but I’m sure you get the idea) and that added some additional physical challenges early in the week.  Most alarming, however, is the revelation that I am consuming WAY more calories than I initially thought I was.  I have gone over in my 1290/day allotment according to MyFitnessPal every day this week except Thursday.  I am trying to take this with a grain of salt because this app is by no means perfect.  For one thing, I am using a database that can be added to by users of the app (much like Wikipedia) so I have to take into account that some of the info may be bogus.  Also, the app gives me absolutely NO calorie burn credit whatsoever for all the strength training I do.  They explain it on their website by saying there are too many variables that go into strength training which makes it hard to be accurate in the amount of calories burned (ie, number of reps, amount of weight used, the speed with which each exercise is performed, etc.) so their answer is to not count it at all.  So I’m trying not to freak out too much about the whole caloric intake bit.

Here’s how the week went:

MONDAY:  Nothing like starting this week out with a bang!  I’m still feeling a little “off” from the illness that developed last week but I think it’s on it’s way out now.  Once again, Sunday night was not a good night for sleeping.  I think I overstimulated my brain with my new fitness app and the schedule app on my ipod because I couldn’t stop the thought train from running full speed ahead all night long.

I got up and into the gym on time and jumped right into my upper body workout after 5 minutes of warm up time on the treadmill.  I had completed 2 back and 2 chest exercises and used up 30 minutes of my time before I realized that today I’m supposed to be doing my LOWER BODY workout.  Really!?!?!?  So after a few moments of indecision, I made up my mind to do as much of the lower body stuff as I could.  I did dead lifts, leg presses, hip abductor and adductor, leg curls and abs.  I had to skip the leg extensions, low back extension and both calf exercises.  To say I was mad for my lack of attention was an understatement.  However, after a shower and some time to think I decided I would just do the ones I missed on Tuesday in addition to my cardio workout.  Problem solved!

TUESDAY:  Woke to a thunderstorm on Tuesday morning.  I love thunderstorms 🙂  Got to the gym on time and made up for Monday’s mishap by doing the low back extension, leg extension, calf exercises and a 5 minute warm up on the treadmill.  I wimped out on the cardio though.  I just didn’t have it in me to do a whole 30 minutes so I only did 15.   Cardio is usually my favorite part of working out but not today.  I felt weak and light-headed (thanks to the “issue” I mentioned at the top).  I left and determined to do better on Wednesday.

WEDNESDAY:  Another night of lousy sleep…what is up with that?  I was tired before dinner around 6 PM on Tuesday night and then at 9:30 PM when I should be off to bed I got this burst of energy and cleaned my kitchen for 30 minutes.  At 11:30 PM I was STILL wide awake….mind racing.  My workout went pretty well, however.  I got going on the CORRECT one this time so that was an improvement 🙂  I also pushed and did heavier weight on my bicep curls (15 lbs instead of 12) for half of my sets.  I had to drop back to 12’s for the second half but that’s ok.  It is progress!  I also added a little more weight on the last set of my tricep extensions (30 lbs instead of 25).  Baby steps but I’ll take them.

Unfortunately, my diet took a nosedive at dinner time.  I came home to make another great recipe from The Skinny Rules only to find that my salmon hadn’t defrosted enough so I succumbed to being over tired and too hungry and did the easiest thing which was take-out.  I blew 500 calories on a Slim Jim from Big Boy.  No fries.  I think the lesson here is the importance of preparation.

THURSDAY:  ELLIPTICAL!  I’m in a budding romance with the elliptical machine.  I find it more challenging than the treadmill but I also find I can do more on it which is strange to me.  I can’t go for long periods of time at a fast pace on the treadmill.  I get winded too easily.  But on the elliptical, I can go at a 15-minute mile pace and keep my heart rate elevated in the high 160’s to mid 170’s for extended periods of time.  I went for 30 minutes this morning, which was my intention, but I’ve never done it that long before.  I always wimp out at 15 minutes and head over to the treadmill to finish the last 15.  Again…progress!  Today was one of those days when I felt really strong in the gym.  I hope to see more days like this one.

I had trouble again Thursday evening diet-wise, unfortunately.  I didn’t pack an afternoon snack.  I resorted to unsalted dry-roasted peanuts about mid-afternoon.  That wasn’t horrible but it wasn’t enough either.  I had to run errands on the way home and ended up stuck in this ridiculous traffic jam.  The result was a 2 hour commute home.  To say I was famished by the time I arrived at 7:30 PM was an understatement.  I ditched my plans to have a healthy Skinny Rules salmon dinner and instead ordered tacos, refried beans and rice from a local Mexican family restaurant.  I split it with my daughter though so I didn’t go completely off my rocker.  Then I made the salmon for Friday’s lunch.

FRIDAY:  Aaaahhh…..Friday!  My lower body workout went well this morning.  No problems or complaints.  Got in and out on time and felt pretty good afterward.  That’s 2 weeks down.  Only 10 more to go.  Looking forward to my weigh-in on Sunday!


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  1. I think you’re doing great. Cut yourself some slack!! You made it to the gym 5 days in a row!! And you were sick!! Do you think fitnesspal may not be set right for you? I remember you being TALL and I’m 5ft 4..and get 1380 as a baseline. Surely you’d get more calories than me even as a base. I have mine set to sedentary and lose 1/2 lb a week.

    Also, do you think you’re premenopausal? That may be TMI to answer on here – but the sleep thing sounds like it and the energy levels. Ever think of getting your hormones checked out? I did this and do it 2x a year. My testosterone was off the charts low when I found out! So now I’m on tinee tiny transdermal supplements via doctor orders.

    You’ve had a GREAT week – reward yourself with something (non food related!)

    • The sleep thing is new. It could also be related to my thyroid meds. Those have to be tweaked from time to time. They could be too high. If the sleeping problem keeps up, I’ll have it checked out.

      I am taller than you (5ft 6.5) and I had mine set to lose 1 lb per week. Maybe I’ll tweak it down to .5 and see what happens. Thanks for the advice.

      Do I sound like I’m being too hard on myself? I am happy with the progress I made this week. Just a little miffed at myself for not planning better food-wise.

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