Weight Update

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Weight:  168 lbs

Weight-wise, nothing changed for me this past week.  I battled an illness that came on 3 days into my new workout schedule and decided to continue on with getting into the gym every day but not to push myself too hard.  I’m not disappointed with my weight remaining the same.  Gaining would have been a bummer.

The first day of this challenge was my birthday.  I have been saving to buy myself an ipod Touch so I ordered it on that day.  It arrived on Thursday.  I’ve spent the weekend (the down time I earned being in the gym all week) to explore it and add a few apps.  I found one last night called MyFitnessPal (http://www.myfitnesspal.com/).  It is awesome!  One of the best features is the food diary.  I have been reading and hearing in multiple places that I should write down everything I eat every day.  It helps to see where I’m wasting calories and where I’m lacking in nutrients like fiber and protein.  It is a little cumbersome at first setting up all those foods but in the weeks ahead it will be a breeze because everything I eat will already be in my database.  The coolest feature of the diary is a bar code scanner.  I scanned my Greek yogurt, multi-grain tortillas and cheese packages today and voila! they were added to my diary.

Another cool feature is the calorie countdown.  When I registered it asked for things like my starting weight and goal weight, whether I am male or female, etc. and used that data to compute the number of calories I will need to eat to reach my goal.  As I mentioned previously, the goal for me is not the number that’s on the scale at the end of my 12 weeks.  It’s about reduction of my BMI, measurements and increased muscle mass.  However, I couldn’t get set up without choosing a goal weight so I chose one that would have me losing weight at a healthy rate of 1 lb per week.

As a way of helping me to stay on track for my caloric intake each day, the calorie counter works backward to tell me how many calories I have left to consume in my daily allotment.  Already this is proving to be a great tool and it was a free app.  The only drawback I’ve found is the set daily allotments for protein and fiber are too low so it appears that I am eating too much in those categories when in reality I’m not.

I also finished reading The Skinny Rules by Bob Harper.  At this point in time, I don’t plan to implement his monthly meal plan like I did when I read Master Your Metabolism.  I already know how to eat healthy.  The purpose of reading this book was to get some new recipes and to pull me out of the boredom I was creating by eating the same things all the time.  I also wanted see what else he had to offer in the way of nutrition advice.  What I’ve found most refreshing about Bob’s book is the simplicity of his recipes.  Last night I made his recipe for Seared Pork with Lemon-Thyme Sauce.  It was very simple to make (7 ingredients), was done in less than 20 minutes and it was delicious.  The serving had 235 calories, 33.7 grams of protein, 2 grams of carbs and 9.5 grams of fat.  Tonight I am going to try Parmesan-Crusted Chicken.  Even simpler, it has only 4 ingredients with a serving containing 157 calories, 29 grams of protein, 0.2 carbs and 3 grams of fat!  Sorry though…no recipe sharing here.  If you want to try it for yourself, you’ll have to buy the book!

I’m excited to see where this week will lead me, challenges and all.


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  1. Amy !! You are doing great!! You should probably buy some over the counter Vitamin C chewables and take 1-2 a day to ward off illness now that you’re working out. Are you also taking a multivitamin? I take women’s centrum for 50yr olds b/c it has extra magnesium and such.

    Add me on fitnesspal and then go to settings and open your food diary. We can be friends on there as well and keep each other on track. I’m trying to lose 10-12lbs this summer.

    As far as the protein/carb levels – you usually want 1g for each lb of weight. I’d also suggest setting up myfitness to show you: calories, fat, sugar, carbs, fiber and protein. Sugar is what usually gets us…and keeps our belles in tact. UGH.

    I love reading your blog!! Keep it up…you can do this!

    • I did add some Vit C to my daily vitamins during this week to try and help with the cold symptoms, in addition to drinking some echinacea tea. Both seem to have helped. I am much less affected by the cold than my husband is. I take calcium, Vit D, magnesium and B complex every day.

      If you are the “Jill” I am thinking of, I sent you an email asking you for your user name so I can find you on Myfitnesspal. I added the tracking items you suggested. I’ve read that we should consume half our weight (in grams) in protein every day so in my case, I should be getting 84 grams of protein. Myfitnesspal has much lower thresholds than that so it always looks like I’m going way over. The same with fiber…their threshold is too low. However, I am getting more protein in my diet than I originally thought I was so I’m glad about that. Also, I thought I was doing much better in the calorie dept than turns out to be reality so that has been an eye-opener as well.

      Thank you very much for the comments and encouragement! Good luck with your fitness goal.

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