Week One

Whew!  What a week!  On the up side, I got some decent workouts in and my muscles have been nice and sore but not so much that I can’t move.  That tells me I’m making good progress but not overdoing it.

On the down side, the challenges have been…well…challenging!  I expected the new schedule to be harder to get used to than it actually was so that was a plus.  I have been ready for bed sooner than normal but that was expected.  However, the difficulty with illness mid-week was something that I wasn’t ready for.  Here’s a breakdown of how the week has gone:

MONDAY: I slept horribly on Sunday night and woke up tired on Monday.  I managed to have a decent workout in the gym anyway but by the end of the day I was whipped.

TUESDAY:  I had an emotional start but I still got to the gym and did my cardio work out.

WEDNESDAY:  I got a late start so I had to skip one of my abs exercises but I did a few extra reps on the one I did do to try and make up for it a little.  Wednesday also brought the beginning of a sore throat, sneezing and sinus drainage…YUM!  Nothing like a summer cold to start off a new workout schedule!  I was hoping maybe it was late allergies but no such luck.  I also developed a very sore spot in the middle front of my left shoulder that I hoped was only inflammation and wouldn’t interrupt my Friday workout.  Isn’t it just like the devil to get in there and stir things up when we’re trying to improve our health and lives?  I expected there to be some sort of obstacle.  Seems there always is.  Bedtime came early on this day.  I was in bed by 8:30 PM.

THURSDAY:  I woke Thursday morning wondering if this was going to be a day when I would have to skip the gym due to illness.  My sore throat was no better but also no worse.  My head was a little stuffy but not too bad.  I decided to get up and see how I felt.  I ate breakfast at the computer and looked up 3 random articles from different websites to find out whether it is wise to exercise when an illness is setting in.  Here are the articles I read:

Runners World             http://www.runnersworld.com/article/0,7120,s6-241-286–9082-0,00.html

Mayo Clinic           http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/exercise/AN01097

Health Magazine          http://fitness.health.com/2011/01/20/should-you-exercise-when-youre-sick/

All of these articles said basically the same thing.  Use the “above the neck” rule.  If symptoms are all above the neck (stuffy nose, sneezing, headache, mild sore throat) then it is perfectly fine to work out but probably a good idea not to push beyond the limits and take it easy.  However, when symptoms involve a fever, muscle aches, fatigue or the digestive system it’s best to skip the gym and let your body rest.  Since my symptoms are all above the neck (that sounds funny…), I went to the gym and did 30 minutes of cardio split between the elliptical and the treadmill but I didn’t do any running.  My heart rate peaked at 171 on the elliptical and 153 on the treadmill.  Not stellar but acceptable because prior to setting this goal for myself I would have let the first tickle in my throat prevent me from going to the gym.  I call this progress!

On a happy note, the sore spot in the front of my shoulder was less sore on Thursday! 🙂

FRIDAY:  TGIF!  I don’t know when I’ve ever been so happy to see a weekend!  I’ve spent the last 2 days plying myself with Traditional Medicinals Organic Lemon Echinacea Throat Coat tea.  It is awesome!  I am feeling better today.  I can tell there is still something going on but it’s not getting any worse.  I hope this is an upward trend.

I did my upper body workout again in the gym today.  Like Thursday, I took it easy and didn’t force myself to do heavier weight.  I can tell my body is fighting this bug because even though I wasn’t using the heaviest weight I’ve used in the past, my muscles were still a little weak and it was hard.   The sore spot in the front of my left shoulder is almost completely gone and didn’t bother me at all in the gym.

The sense of accomplishment I feel having fought my way through this week is intoxicating!  If the rest of the weeks go like this one did, even with challenges, I will be fine with that.


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